We try to bale our alfalfa as leafy and green as possible.  We entered some
of our alfalfa into the 2009 World's Forage Analysis Superbowl.  Click on
the picture to see results.
Alfalfa/Grass 50/50 Mix
Our Alfalfa Grass mix is a blend of about 50% Alfalfa and 50% Orchard
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Decker Hay Farm LLC
Grass/Alfalfa 80/20 Mix
Our Grass/Alfalfa mix is a blend of 80% Orchard Grass and 20% Alfalfa
Straight Grass
Our Straight Orchard grass
Wheat/Oat/Barley mixed Hay
Many customers buy this as a cheaper option for horses and cows
Oat Hay
We test all our oats for nitrates.